11/18/2014 12:00:00 AM Events

Natural Products Biotechnology 2014

Pathfinder Accelerator 460

The conference will feature presentations from national and global leaders and opinion formers, sessions covering the latest research output — and central to the whole event, interactive workshops giving delegates the chance to learn about opportunities for their own businesses and research.

With increasing global interest in the value of biologically active natural compounds in the development of therapeutic agents, and the use of renewable raw materials in innovative approaches to lowering greenhouse gas emissions, Scotland, along with many other countries, has ambitious targets to increase the impact of this sector on sustainable economic development.

The Highlands and Islands of Scotland has a unique environment and maritime climate supporting rich sources of natural products and active compounds, and is ideally placed to host this event.

This conference reflected that shift to a more biobased economy, and was a key forum to share expertise, demonstrate innovation and build on research.

The programme covered:

  • Identification: Screening for promising bioactives from wild plants, crop species, the marine environment and microbial sources.
  • Scaling up production: Process chemistry, bioprocessing – plant science, agronomy, forestry and aquaculture – consistency of supply, sustainability issues and the potential for exploiting wild sources.
  • Testing and development: Formulation science, handling and processing technologies which protect natural ingredients. Natural products in the food and health arena: in food technology, functional foods and nutraceuticals – clinical trials, health claims, intervention studies and population benefits of dietary constituents.
  • Emerging uses: The place of natural product biotechnology and high value materials in bioenergy, in cosmeceuticals and cosmetics, in dealing with waste and environmental remediation, and other innovative applications.
  • The Business Environment for Natural Products: Business-linking activities, partnering and skills marketplace, start-ups and spin-out companies, building on intellectual assets, demonstrating collaborative projects, dissemination opportunities and open innovation, and special interest sessions around the potential of particular species and sub-sectors.