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Entrepreneurship Masterclasses

Klozers News

The next in the series of entrepreneurship masterclasses delivered by Highlands and Islands Enterprise and Scottish Enterprise will be "Entrepreneurial Sales Strategies” delivered by klozers and the Hunter Centre for Entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship masterclasses focus on key aspects of Entrepreneurship and are aimed at developing the skills of high impact entrepreneurs to inspire, connect and help accelerate the growth of their businesses.

Each masterclass is delivered by experts in each subject area with entrepreneurial experience and international credibility.  The masterclasses are designed to provide a dynamic learning environment where participants will be challenged, inspired and will leave with practical approaches and tools to take back to their teams and businesses.

The masterclasses available to account managed businesses and social enterprises include:

-         Developing an Entrepreneurial Brand

-         Entrepreneurial Sales Strategies Stage 1

-         Entrepreneurial Sales Strategies Stage 2

-         Financing an Entrepreneurial Company Stage 1 – Structuring the Finances of Your Business

-         Financing an Entrepreneurial Company Stage 2 – How to Raise Money

-         Entrepreneurial Leadership, Strategy and Culture

-         Disciplined Entrepreneurship Stage 1

-         Disciplined Entrepreneurship Stage 2

-         Entrepreneurial New Product Development

Entrepreneurial Sales Strategies – Stage 1 will take place on 9 – 10 September in Glasgow and on 12 – 13 October in Inverness.

What are the business benefits?

  • Increased entrepreneurship skills
  • Connection to a network of peer businesses in Scotland
  • Improved confidence and increased international business ambition
  • Practical tools and approaches to embed within your business
  • Learning and support to accelerate the growth of your business

For further details, visit www.hie.co.uk/masterclasses