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7th International Oyster Symposium 11th to 14th September 2017

7Th Oyster Symposium

The 7th International Oyster Symposium is to be hosted by the European and African Chapter of the World Oyster Society and will take place between the 11th and 14th September 2017 at Bangor University, North Wales, UK. 

In keeping with the Mission of the World Oyster Society, 'to be an instrument of goodwill, friendship and cooperation for all who have some linkage to oyster research, production and use anywhere in the World', International Oyster Symposia provide an opportunity for all those interested in oysters to meet and talk about current issues and ideas.

TUESDAY 12th September

  • Session 1 - Innovation
  • Session 2 - Developing New Markets and Products
  • Session 3 - Global Expansion

WEDNESDAY 13th September

  • Session 4 - Restoration
  • Session 5 - Environmental Sustainability
  • Session 6 - Ecosystem Services

THURSDAY 14th September

  • Session 7 - Disease Management and Climate Change
  • Session 8 - Shellfish Hygiene

A celebration of the cooked oyster.

In many parts of the world the tradition is to enjoy oysters raw. Whilst this is of course delicious it is not for everyone, so as part of this conference there will be a special culinary event in which delegates can enjoy a range of cooked oysters with a view to encouraging the development of new oyster products for sale into an expanded market.

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If you have any questions please contact the organisers; oystersymposium@bangor.ac.uk