9/20/2017 8:33:28 AM News

Artic Scientist make a B-Line for Oban

Artic Conference Oban

From Vienna to Moscow, from Cornwall to Thurso, from Tromso to Mexico City, all roads led to Oban this week as the UK Arctic Science Conference rolled into town.

125  Delegates.

57    Different towns or cities.

14    Different countries.

78    Different science institutions or universities.

The conference kicked off with a welcome from SAMS Director Nick Owens, who introduced Brendan O'Hara, MP for Argyll & Bute to the stage. The first Days event were as follows:

  • 14.00 Chair: Prof David Thomas
  • 14.30 Andrew Smith. UK science and innovation network
  • 15.00 Social and Human: Raeanne Miller. Blue-Action: Translating advances in Arctic climate science to climate services across the Northern Hemisphere
  • 15.30 Terrestrial: Mary Edwards. An ancient DNA record of 25,000 years of arctic plant community dynamics.
  • 16.00 Cryosphere: Jeremy Wilkinson. Arctic Sea Ice loss: A need for multi-sectorial collaboration.
  • 16.30 Poster Session
  • 17:30 END
  • 19:30 Public Lecture by Tom Heap (Sponsored by SAMS)

For the full Programme follow this link>>