11/6/2017 10:54:50 AM Events

Why model marine ecosystems? Insights from ecosystem models across the globe

Prof Heymans

Date: Thursday, 16 November. 2017

Venue: SAMS UHI, Oban

Ecosystem models can be quite esoteric and dense to understand. In this talk Prof Heymans will show the usefulness of ecosystem models, without getting into the mathematics of it all.

Ecosystem models have been used to understand how marine ecosystems work since the 1940s, using a systems approach to describe the flows and pools in systems. However, in the last 40 years these models have become more applicable to answering more time-critical management questions, such as what are the impact of taking out one species from the ecosystem (through fishing for instance) on the abundances of other species in that system.

Prof Heyman will use her experience of modelling ecosystems from estuarine systems in South Africa, to the Benguela Upwelling system in Namibia, to the Gulf of Alaska and the West Coast of Scotland to show that ecosystem models are a very useful way to summarise the large quantity of information that scientists have collected over the past 100 years. These models are a good way to turn data into information, that can then be used as evidence in the application of new policies.

Professor Sheila Heymans will present her lecture on Thursday 16 November at SAMS UHI, Oban and will be available for audience questions. The lecture will be followed by a light supper.

There is no charge for admission, but advance booking is essential as we expect to be very busy for Professor Heyman's lecture. To book go to Eventbrite>>