3/5/2018 1:27:12 PM News

Access biotech infrastructure - Transnational EMBRIC


EMBRIC offers marine biotech projects access to facilities for researchers from academia or industry. Apply by 30 April

EMBRIC offers access to high-quality facilities and pioneering technology platforms of 21 Access Providers from five European Research Infrastructures:

Transnational Access to the EMBRIC consortium is provided to teams up to two users (User Groups) of researchers, students and technicians, from academia and industry. A User Group can consist of more than two users, but the costs of travel and accomodation are reimbursed only for a maximum of two persons per User Group.

The EMBRIC Transnational Access includes: 

  • technical and scientific support
  • administrative and logistic support
  • free use of the services and platforms to a certain limit
  • hands-on training needed to use these facilities

The Access program sponsors:

  • laboratory fees (use of standard disposables and access to services and platforms)
  • travel costs (up to 800€ per two round trip/person)
  • subsistence costs (up to 120€ per day/person)
  • shipping of material needed for your Project (max. 400€)

This call is open to innovative projects in the field of marine biotechnology, for eligibility go to>>

Submission of Project proposals are now open. Click on the image below to submit your Project proposal!