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CuanTec crowd funding for future expansion

Cuantec 2

CuanTec are a small company in Scotland with a circular economy approach. They take shells from the fishery industry, the bits of scampi that you don’t eat,  and turn it into compostable anti-microbial food packaging that makes your food last longer, avoiding plastic and food waste at the same time.

Founded in January last year and they have already developed three prototype food packaging films and are developing them rapidly to make them available to help extend the shelf-life of salmon steaks, and in the future, the whole range of fresh foods.

They are currently seeking to expand there team because  a dairy farmer from Ayrshire, Bryce Cunningham of Mossgiel Farm wants compostable single use milk-bottles for his customers.

Mark Hazell of JawBrew brewers from Glasgow who are already invested in the circular economy producing HardTack beer from stale bread rolls, wants to work with CuanTec to create packaging specially for the brewing industry with the primary aim of creating a compostable can collator,  to hold 4 and 6 packs of beer together. 

"Jaw Brew has a vision to make the brewing industry more sustainable and reduce the amount of non-compostable plastic material being thrown away; CuanTec can help to make that happen."

Tom Harkins of Vitasheet (international group of plastic sheet manufacturers) want eco-friendly alternatives for their durable plastic sheets which often rely on silver-ion technology for antimicrobial benefits. 

And Aly Tharani of Ecoaeon from Oxfordshire have already invested a lot in solving the problem of single use bottled water by creating durable plastic reusable bottles that have technology to increase the water quality and purity but they would like help in making those “greener”. 

CuanTec are doing something totally different, they take langoustine shells, extracting the natural  biopolymer chitin from those shells through a revolutionary fermentation  process, which totally removes the need for harsh chemicals. they then mix it with other natural substances derived from food such as  cellulose provided by CelluComp Ltd, Fife Scotland. This will provide strong, adaptable flexible materials which will be able to solve these challenges.

Currently CuanTec are undertaking a crowd funding exercise to develop their products and processes. For more information go to the CuanTec site>>

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