12/10/2018 10:58:24 AM News

EMSP Business recognised for sustainability project.

Innovation Winner Douglas Mckenzie Carole Shellcock Xanthella

Xanthella, a biotechnology company based in Malin House at the EMSP,  collected the VIBES Innovation Award for its ASLEE project. 

ASLEE is an ambitious and innovative partnership project aiming to boost the economy in rural Scotland by using renewable power to produce high value microalgae. 

Algae production has an immediate niche in Scotland’s aquaculture industries – for hatchery use and addition to fish feeds – but can also be used for a wide range of products such as nutraceuticals, toxin standards, pigments, and biofuels. Access to low cost renewable electricity would give Scottish production of microalgae a sustainable competitive advantage, while domestic production would give Scottish aquaculture improved quality assurance of feed ingredients and security of supply.  Algae biomanufacturing could also benefit the local circular economy by using local waste streams as feedstocks: carbon dioxide from fermentation or combustion effluents; nutrient rich wastes from whisky distilleries and agricultural processes. For more click here.

Douglas McKenzie, chief executive at Xanthella Ltd said “Collecting a VIBES award is a real testament to the hard work and commitment form everyone at Xanthella and our partners. The awards are a fantastic way to bring our ground-breaking ASLEE- ENBIO project to a wider audience.’