5/4/2018 2:25:34 PM News

Fynest Caviar gets green light

Fynest Caviar 2

Scotland's first caviar farm has been given the go-ahead, Fynest Caviar will build its closed containment recirculation facility at Ardkinglas Sawmill in Cairndow, Loch Fyne, following a decision by Argyll and Bute council’s planning committee.

The Fynest Caviar Co. will now start producing Osteria caviar from Russian and Siberian sturgeon.  The Edinburgh-based company hopes to have Scottish caviar on the market by Christmas 2020. The £4m project aims to turnover £3.64m over six years and to hire seven fulltime employees.

‘Our fish will mature at seven to 10 years old. At this time they will measure 27-40 inches in length and be in a weight range of 10-12 kilos."

Fraser Niven, one of the company’s three directors, said: ‘We are delighted the council recognised the benefits to the area that the company’s plans represent. Not only will it bring jobs, but the board’s determination is that the company’s produce will be synonymous with quality and richness reflecting the area’s international reputation.’

Argyll and Bute planning officer Sandra Davies said that in its application, Fynest Caviar ‘had provided a lot of supporting details in order to demonstrate the acceptability of the proposals’.