4/23/2018 11:03:44 AM News

Gill health project lands £800k funding

Scottish Sea Farms

Co-funded by the Scottish Aquaculture Innovation Centre (SAIC), the project team combines expertise in feed manufacturing (BioMar) and salmon farming (Scottish Sea Farms) with world-leading fish health expertise at the University of Aberdeen, supported by Marine Scotland Science.

Valued at almost £800,000, with a £284,000 SAIC grant contribution, the two-year gill health project (Clinical Nutrition and Treatment of Atlantic Salmon Gill Diseases) will develop innovative diagnostic tools to precisely monitor the gill condition of salmon in seawater pens, along with devising new feeds to promote optimum health and welfare.

The new diagnostic tools will enable salmon farmers to fine-tune their husbandry practices to the conditions of the local marine environment, aided by rapid-response modelling of risk factors. Natural feed ingredients with protective properties, known as functional feeds, will also be added to the range of health management tools available to Scotland’s salmon farmers.

Heather Jones, CEO of SAIC, said: “As the first of a suite of gill health projects being funded by SAIC, we are delighted to support the experienced academic and industry team to advance our understanding of complex gill disease in Atlantic salmon and to develop innovative surveillance tools and nutritional solutions.”

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