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HIE Time to Innovate: Crùbag

Crubag Innovation

Innovation isn't always about making something new. Sometimes, it's just about making something existing, better.

It’s about turning new ideas into commercially viable opportunities that will increase your market share or help you enter new markets, ultimately growing your business.

Why should businesses innovate?

Businesses need to continually adapt to remain competitive. Markets change, consumer trends change, technology advances. The practises you adopt today may not be fit for purpose in ten or even five years’ time.

Of all the triggers for success, the ability to innovate is perhaps the most critical, and is often the biggest challenge.

Do you have an idea that will make a positive difference to your business?  If so, you could qualify for innovation support and funding. You may not think that you’re innovating - but you might be!  Innovate Your Business is a programme of support to help businesses develop fresh thinking into commercial success. This support includes tailored one-to-one advice and potential grant funding of up to £15,000.

Watch how Highlands and Islands Enterprise were able to help Crùbag (based at the European Marine Science Park). 

Crùbag was born out of a desire to share the hidden secrets of the oceans and connect us with the sea, exciting scientific discoveries and the need to understand environmental issues.

Their printed textiles conceptualise and communicate unique and mostly unseen aspects of our oceans, marine life and environmental issues such as climate change

Crùbag was founded by Jessica Giannotti in Dec 2013 after completing her studies in marine science. She uses her background in this field as well as her skills in the creative industries to design and develop products that tell the story behind the inspiration. With a studio in the old teaching lab at the Scottish Marine Institute on the beautiful west coast of Scotland, Crùbag draws constant inspiration from its setting.

Join Jessica, for more "Innovate Your Business" information go to HIE Innovation>>