2/22/2018 11:57:23 AM News

Runners up at Animal Health Innovation Europe

N2 Slide

Central to the  Animal Health Investment Forum 2018 held in London this week was the Innovation Showcase: a presentation of new and innovative technologies within the  aquaculture, livestock and companion animal health markets.

Twelve emerging companies from over 30 applications presented to a "Dragon's Den" and the assembled delegates. These presentations showcased the innovation and opportunity that the emerging companies brought to their various markets.

Congratulations go to the team at BunyaVax - the winners of the 2018 Innovation Award. BunyaVax is a Dutch biotech company that commercializes unprecedented Plug & Play vaccine platform technology. The technology allows for cost effective and rapid generation of vaccines against endemic and newly emerging viruses. The platform is particularly suitable for the prevention of emerging diseases of livestock.

Joint runners up where Askel Healthcare which has developed a medical device (COPLA Scaffold), to regenerate the cartilage tissue permanently and N2 Pharmaceuticals. Natalia Romanova-Mossig, Business Development Director and Co-Founder N2 Pharma, showcased her companies product extracted from Scottish Blue Mussels and used in the improvement in fertility of dairy cows.

N2-01 is an injectable drug that significantly increases the effectiveness of artificial insemination in dairy cattle. When used on more than 1,300 repeat breeding cows in Russia, N2-01 showed results unprecedented for the industry, increasing effectiveness by at least 50%. The cost of low fertility is £0.5bn per year in the UK alone.

The drug has already been registered in Russia. Althought N2 Pharmaceuticals is at the early development stage for the European registration, it has extensive market usage data showing that N2-01 is safe and effective on target species, which is a rare case in the pharmaceutical industry. 

Natalia, together with the inventor of the technology, established N2  Pharmaceuticals with the intention of bringing it to the European market.

A truly innovative use for Scottish produced mussels to improve cattle fertility and vying strongly with the famous aphrodisiac qualities of our native oysters!