1/17/2018 1:39:52 PM News

SAMS find a PhD, deadline approaching.

Sams Phds

SAMS are currently offering one funded studentship via the NEXUSS programme. You will find the project descriptions and information on funding, eligibility and application procedures (including forms) when you follow the link.

NEXUSS (Next Generation Unmanned System Science): Where AUVs dare – subglacial discharge plumes. There are few oceanic ‘regimes’ not yet sampled by direct observation; indeed, arguably, there is only one: the vertical boundary zone, just ~10s m wide, where glaciers meet seawater. This project will focus on the dynamical processes by which freshwater in this thin boundary zone is assimilated into the adjacent sea.

They also have the following funded PhD which will be based at SAMS. You will find further project description, information funding, eligibility and application procedures in the following link. Please follow instructions to complete the process.

This PhD project will principally look at the nature of the tidal resource, investigating flow dynamics in contrasting candidate sites. Firstly, it will use modelling and observational techniques to clarify the flow structures and variability that exist in the natural environment, from the broad flow pathways to their smaller scale instabilities and turbulence.

Community-scale tidal power generation - is it feasible in the INTERREG VA area? (Application deadline: noon (GMT), 19 January 2018)