5/25/2018 1:10:42 PM News

Scottish Aquaculture Innovation Centre to fund four aquaculture PhDs

Mussel 5

The Scottish Aquaculture Innovation Centre (SAIC) announced funding for four PhDs, the first time it has done so, in order to tackle areas of priority research in the industry. £180,000 has been awarded for collaborative research between academia and commercial growers worth over £500,000.

The key areas of research include:

Dr Tom Adams, who will supervise the PhD, said: “This project will link the outputs from computer models, describing coastal currents and potential dispersal of sea lice in Scottish waters, with models of lice population dynamics on aquaculture sites themselves.

  • Photoperiod and immune function: how critical lifecycle events in salmon impact on disease response and post-smolt performance in which the partners are the University of Aberdeen and Scottish Sea Farms.
  • Environmental DNA for low-cost monitoring of disease in salmonid aquaculture Partners: University of Glasgow, Marine Harvest, Scottish Sea Farms and Bioclavis.
  • Spat mortality in farmed blue mussels (Mytilus edulis) Partners: University of Stirling’s Institute of Aquaculture and Fassfern Mussels Ltd, with additional funding from The Fishmongers’ Company.

Fergus Ewing MSP, Cabinet Secretary for the Rural Economy and Connectivity, said: “Increasing the supply of talented scientists with an understanding of the commercial realities of farming fish and shellfish in Scotland was one of our key aims in setting up SAIC.