5/1/2018 9:01:49 AM News

Seaweed - cook with it or feed it to racing camels, now you can paint your house with it

Skye Paint 2

You can use it as fertiliser, cook with it, eat it, and feed it it racing camels, and now you can paint your house with it, this is the wonder of seaweed. 

Unimpressed with the durability of the leading brand paints, Alasdair ‘Starsky’ Campbell an experienced painter and decorator based in Portree, on  the Isle of Skye sought to create his own formulation of masonry paint to suit the harsh climate of Skye.

“Our paint range is reflective of the landscape and natural beauty of the Isle of Skye, with our colour scheme showing 32 shades of Skye” he said.  “A very unique development with our paint (both interior and exterior) is that it is enhanced with organic seaweed.  The seaweed gives the paint a better coverage and finish.  This will be a route that we will seek to develop further using alternative eco-friendly products in our paint”.

The Isle of Skye, on the North West Highlands of Scotland is famed for its natural beauty, its ruggedness and it’s climate. Rain, strong winds & mist, resonate strongly and gives the Island its other name – ‘The Misty Isle’. Steeped in history, its romantic charm goes back centuries with numerous stories, folklore, songs and poems.

Working along with his wife, Carol, together they designed a brand new range of paint inspirated by the beauty of the natural landscape on the Isle of Skye. The seaweed acts as a gelling agent and thickens the paint. giving it a creamier texture.

The new paint range captures the moods of Skye colours, including Trotternish Heather, Red Cuillin, Kilmuir Thatch and Carol's favourite, Snizort Seathrift.  She explains: "It was inspired by the colours of the sea thrift, which grows right outside our house!" 

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