4/19/2018 9:14:40 AM News

Xanthella excel at Scottish Rural Awards 2018

Xanthalla Rural Awards Winners 2018

Xanthella Ltd, based at the European Marine Science Park won the Rural Enterprise and Innovation category at the Scottish Rural Awards 2018. The award for this category was sponsored by the Royal Highland and Agricultural Society of Scotland.

Xanthella is currently engaged in an exciting project to fully explore the potential use of algae alongside renewable electricity to provide new industry for rural parts of Scotland. 

Xanthella are at the leading edge of industrial photobiology, developing extremely flexibly controlled systems and marrying these with renewable energy. The company was founded in November 2009 by Dr Douglas McKenzie.

Looking for a new business challenge, he identified algae as a growing market. He concluded that the most realistic way to address the commercial opportunity was as a tool company supplying highly innovative technologies to the producers of algae rather than becoming an algae producer.

Xanthella develops and manufactures bioproduction systems in the form of photobioreactors that operate using LED technology. The systems are controlled by the Zeus II controller™ which allows for specific light, temperature and culturing conditions. Several sizes are available for different applications and for scale-up production.

Currently,the company has five full-time employees and works closely with a freelance electronics developer based in the Borders. Xanthella is the project leader of the unique and highly innovative ASLEE Project. The ground breaking project is using rural renewable energy potential to locally manufacture high value products.