11/18/2019 11:03:13 AM News

Scottish Aquaculture Innovation Centre secures Phase 2 funding

Fish Farm

Phase 1 of SAIC has brought success to the sector,  with an initial funding package of over £6 million delivering a portfolio valued at over £40 million over 40+ initiatives.

This led to the creation of an estimated 200 jobs, mostly in rural locations, and supported the development of a skills and knowledge pool by funding the studies of 92 PhD and MSc studetns.

David Gregory, chairman of the SAIC, said the centre has helped the industry deal with some of its biggest challenges – which individual businesses wouldn’t have been able to tackle on their own – through access to academic expertise and applied research.

He said: “The level of investment from industry is testament to that success: our original goal was to attract £1 of industry investment for every £1 we spent on projects, but we have delivered significantly more than that. The projects have been industry-relevant, attracting hard cash from partners and delivering outcomes that could make a real difference.

“We have also encouraged the industry to talk about the good work that is being done and re-invent the way it shares information, not only with itself, but the wider world too.”