1/21/2020 10:57:19 AM Events

Scottish Seaweed Industry Association Annual Conference 18-19 February Oban

Seaweed Productssmall

Speakers for the conference 18 February are confirmed as - 

Job Schipper: Seaweed cultivation in The Faroes, Norway, Holland and Spain.

Bert Groenendaal: Towards Industrial Scale Seaweed Cultivation

Dr Zalina Dzhatieva - Argyll & Bute Council: Feasibility of Seaweed Farming in Argyll & Bute and Emergent Opportunities.

Sigurbjorg Danielsdottir - Founder and CEO of SjøBørg AS: Macroalgae as Health Food from a Norwegian Perspective.

Will Munro - Food Standards Scotland: Update on Regulations relating to Seaweed and Seaweed Products.

Pierre Erwes - Founder, BioMarine: Financing the Blue Economy

Antoine Erwes - General Manager, International Blue Cooperative: Scaling up The Commercial Seaweed Sector

Dr Tracey Begg – Marine Sustainability Manager, Scottish Natural Heritage: SNH Wild Seaweed Hand Harvesting Guidance

David Pratt – Marine Scotland: Update on Progress of the Scottish Government Seaweed Review Group.

Alex Adrian – Crown Estate Scotland: Closing Summary.

A finalised conference programme will be available soon..

The Scottish Association for Marine Science (SAMS) are holding free-to-attend workshops on Wednesday 19 February Registration : 9 am.

On the morning of the 19th February, there will be three workshops run as a 'round robin', each workshop taking approximately 45 mins, for 20 people.

The idea is you rotate through the three workshops over the course of the morning.        The three workshops will be (in no particular order):

Workshop 1. Understanding how, or if, we scale up seaweed farming: The objective of this workshop will be to discuss potential scenarios for large scale seaweed farming. It will focus on social challenges and economic viability.

Workshop 2. Integrating Seaweed Farming into existing Aquaculture: What possibilities are there to develop seaweed as a tool for eco-efficiency?

Workshop 3. Valuing Seaweed Cultivation in the Environment. As part of the H2020 Genialg Research Project SAMS is running a workshop focussing on how Seaweed Cultivation might contribute to eco-system services.

HIE staff will be available at Malin House, on a drop in basis, between 11-2pm to show interested parties the marine science business cluster and to talk about how HIE can support business growth.  

Please follow the Eventbrite link to sign up to both conference and workshops.