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International Ballan Wrasse Conference - online May 27

SAIC, Sustainable Aquaculture Innovation Centre, in collaboration with Argyll based Otter Ferry Seafish, is delighted to host the International Ballan Wrasse Conference, May 2021.

This virtual conference will provide an international forum for sharing knowledge and experience on the rearing, welfare and deployment of Ballan wrasse. It will be discussing producers’ standards and best practices, disseminating research findings, exploring future R&D priorities, and connecting producers, customers, academia and other stakeholders.

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Leading the blue economy - A’ stiùireadh an eaconamaidh ghorm

The marine resource of the Highlands and Islands is an enviable and unique asset, not only for the region, but for Scotland and the whole United Kingdom. It has created and maintained valuable economic opportunities for generations, in sectors as varied as aquaculture, fisheries, life sciences, tourism and renewable energy. With the right strategic approach, carefully targeted investment and access to excellent science and skills, we believe it has the potential to deliver much more, playing a key role in the contribution made by Scotland’s rural economy, supporting a sustainable future for hundreds of communities around its coasts and, in doing so, contributing significantly to the country’s net zero ambition

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More short term tie-ups announced for The Moorings, Malin House

The EMSP is pleased to announce that all the available co-working spaces have now been let within The Moorings suite at Malin House.

A year on from the original ‘lockdown’, this suggests that there is now growing demand for co-working suites in the Oban marine business sector. It seems whilst working from home is fine for a while, folk are now putting a greater value than ever on the social elements of sharing a workspace, such as the in-person connections and collaborative interactions so hard to replicate so easily on-line.

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