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The home of Scotland's marine science sector

The European Marine Science Park (EMSP) is a special place situated in Argyll on Scotland’s west coast. It boasts world-class facilities in a stunning natural environment which lends itself to marine science research and blue economic business growth.

The Park is home to an established community which includes innovative businesses, world-class research, excellent workspaces and facilities, a skilled talent pool, and strong government support for business.

The European Marine Science Park (EMSP) has grown around the research, knowledge and facilities of the Scottish Association for Marine Science.

We're waiting to welcome you

There's an abundance of reasons to make the European Marine Science Park your business base, here's just a few of them.


With 100+ marine scientists and 12 marine organisations based on site, the European Marine Science Park offers the ideal place for shared learning and collaboration.

Meet your new neighbours
Three of the business residents meeting in a shared office space at the European Marine Science Park with backdrop of stunning landscape


European Marine Science Park features not only high-quality premises and meeting spaces inside and out, but also world-class shared facilities. Set on the coast of Oban, it’s truly a place where nature meets science.

Petri dish being studied under a microscope at European Marine Science Park

Why should you base your business here?

EMSP is home to world-class research, excellent locations and facilities, a skilled talent pool, strong government support for business, as well as close links between policy makers, industry and academia.

Don't believe us? See for yourself
Receptionist at the European Marine Science Park happily welcoming visitors

We can help support your business

There is a wide range of support available to businesses who choose to locate here.

Tap into support for businesses


We work with a range of partners to support business growth and cluster development in the region. Below are just some of our partners that we work closely with.


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